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Joint Activities

The purpose of this report is to establish an overview of community benefits that are made available for communities hosting radioactive waste facilities in EDRAM member states. The focus is on social and economic benefits. Measures that have community empowerment as a main objective (e.g. the funding of the local partnerships in Belgium or the CLIS in France), are not taken into account in this report.

This report offers an overview of current practices. The body of this report consists of three main sections. In the first section we broadly describe the types of benefits across the EDRAM member states and the main characteristics of the various projects they relate to. The second section addresses the variety of contextual elements that co-determine the nature and scope of community benefits in each country, and looks more closely at the decision-making processes that shaped them. Finally, the third section offers a more detailed overview on the various types of community benefits and how they are implemented or planned in the EDRAM member states.