Organisation : ANDRA


Status of Implementation

  • VLLW surface repository: operating on a routine basis, with now more than 100,000 m3 disposed of
  • LILW surface repository: 
  • operating on a routine basis, with more than 210,000 m3 disposed of
  • Low level long lived waste: launching of a siting process, call for volunteers having an interest for a repository on their territory; deadline for answers is end of October 2008
  • HL waste project: a new set of experimental galleries is under construction; In the same time previous experiments are running in the underground research laboratory.
  • The detailed investigation programme in the 250km2 transposition zone is now completed, detailed analysis of the results will be available before end of 2008
  • The Local Information Committee is now in place and has started its work.
  • The Technological Center built in Saudron will be ready by the beginning of 2009. Demonstrators have been shown during the Euradwaste Conference.

Target Geologic Formation: Sedimentary clay formation (Callovo-Oxfordian argillite, about 500 m depth)

Earliest In-Service Date: 2025