Organisation: BGE


Status of Implementation

  • Konrad repository project: Preparatory work for the conversion of the Konrad mine into a repository showed significant progress. Current work focused on the refurbishment of the two shafts and the preparation of the infrastructure above ground and underground. The first waste emplacement drifts are excavated in summer 2012. Commissioning of the Konrad repository is scheduled for 2021.
  • Closure of the Morsleben repository: the preparation of the licensing documents has been completed. A public hearing took place in October/November 2011. A decision in the plan-approval procedure is expected for the next years. As a preparation for closure the central area of Morsleben repository has been backfilled with concrete until 2011. Furthermore in-situ-tests demonstrating the technical feasibility and efficiency of the geotechnical barriers are running.
  • Gorleben exploration mine: Exploration has been restarted in 2010. Exploration of the first exploration area has been completed and exploration of the next exploration area has been prepared. At the end of 2012 exploration work has been stopped due to political reasons.
  • Asse-research mine: 
  • Due to a decision of BfS the retrieval of the waste from Asse mine was defined to be the preferred decommissioning option. As a first step a fact-finding process has been started to reduce uncertainties for retrieval boundary conditions. At the end of 2012 drilling work started to examine the conditions in the emplacement chambers.

Target Geologic Formation: Iron Ore Formation, Salt Formation

Earliest In-Service Date