Organisation : ENRESA


Status of Implementation

    • VLLW, surface repository at El Cabril: license was given in July 2008 for a final capacity of 130,000 m3 (four cells). The first and second cells are already constructed and in operation since October 2008 and July 2016, respectively. A VLLW treatment building was constructed almiost adjacent to the disposal facility.
    • LILW, surface repository at El Cabril. Operating on a routine basis since 1992.
    • Altogether,  LILW and VLLW capacities should be sufficient for the expected volume to be managed under the scenario of the 2006 General Radioactive waste Management Plan (173,000 m3)
    • HLW: In 2006 the Spanish Government approved the 6th General Radioactive Waste Plan.  The main strategic decision is to have a Centralised Temporary Storage Facility for SF/HLW by 2012.
    • The site to host the facility was designated by the Council of Ministers in December 30th 2011 (Villar de Cañas-Cuenca). This decision was published in the Official State Gazette on January 20th 2012 following a volunteer site designation process.
    • For the purpose of planning the preferred basic option is limited temporary storage followed by definitive disposal facility. 
    • Basic Generic Project summarizing the knowledge acquired  in relation to definitive disposal in a deep geological repository