Organisation : U. S. Department of Energy (DOE), Office of Civilian Radioactive Waste Management (OCRWM)



  • Major accomplishments
    •  June 3, 2008 - OCRWM submitted the License Application (LA) to the NRC seeking authorization to construct a repository for SNF and HLW at Yucca Mountain, Nevada.
    • September 8, 2008 - NRC formally docketed the LA, with a determination that it was sufficiently complete to initiate a full technical review.
    • September 30, 2008 - EPA released its revised regulations for radiation standards for the proposed disposal facility at Yucca Mountain; NRC is expected to finalize its implementing regulations shortly.
  •  Other activities 
    • March, 2008 - OCRWM filed an application for right-of-way and Surface Transportation Board certificate for construction and operation of a rail line in Nevada to Yucca Mountain
    • May, 2008 - OCRWM awarded contracts for the design, licensing and demonstration of the Transportation, Aging and Disposal (TAD) canister system.
    • June, 2008 - OCRWM informed nuclear utilities that it is prepared to discuss a revision to the Standard Contract; execution of disposal contracts is an essential step in the licensing of new nuclear plants.
    • June, 2008 - OCRWM issued Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statements (EIS) on the Geological Repository and Rail Alignment for Construction and Operation of a Railroad in Nevada.
    • July, 2008 - OCRWM issued two reports relating to the costs of research, construction and operation of the repository:  Analysis of the Total System Life Cycle Cost and Fee Adequacy Assessment.
  • Upcoming activities
    • OCRWM is preparing two reports for the U.S. Congress:  Interim Storage of SNF from Decommissioned Reactors; and Second Repository.
    • Significant challenge
    • If funding reforms are not enacted consistent with the Administration's legislative proposal, DOE will not be able to set a credible opening date for the repository.

Target Geologic Formation:  Volcanic tuff

Earliest In-Service Date: TBD - Pending resolution of funding issues