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Joint Activities

Joint Activities

Statement of 2018 Annual Meeting of EDRAM

Delegates of EDRAM Member organizations, ANDRA, BGE, DOE, ENRESA, NAGRA, NUMO, NWMO, ONDRAF/NIRAS, POSIVA, RWM and SKB gathered in Toronto, Canada, May 15-17, 2018, for the EDRAM 2018 annual meeting. During the two-day meeting, the delegates exchanged information and opinions on knowledge management and siting among others.

1.      Knowledge management

Delegates reviewed recent international initiatives in the field of knowledge management from the waste management organization’s (WMO’s) perspective and recognized the need for:

  • On-going networking between WMOs in order to facilitate the collective long-term learning and competency;
  • Collectively managing knowledge by setting-up processes for managing knowledge over long time frames including capture, retention, sharing, access, reuse and update in order to ensure its transfer to the next phases of the projects.

Delegates agreed that a working group composed of EDRAM representatives members will propose, before the end of 2018, a first set of ideas to build a common approach on knowledge management. 

2.      Siting

The delegates shared their learning and experiences from geological disposal siting processes based on communities’ willingness to participate. The discussion covered the importance of sharing with the public about the information on the assessment of geological suitability, decision making processes with or without right of withdrawal, community benefits and potential socio-economic and environmental effects. Their experiences indicated that siting is complex and multi-dimensional; approaches will differ from country to country: implementers are pursuing win-win situations with communities that are considering acceptance of waste repository. It is clear that recognizing that siting processes are challenging, we must be prepared to adjust according to regional circumstances and variations in societal requirements.